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Based on: International experiences and best practice examples

Supported by OSCE, Israeli Government and Dr. Shmuel Yerushalmi, Expert from Israel, the Project Team had an opportunity to get familiar with the Israeli model, one of the most successful programs for supporting technological incubators in the world. Knowledge and experience of the consultants were precious for analyzing the potentials and barriers to the process of establishment of Business Technology Incubator in Belgrade. Dr. Yerushalmi stressed out the need for timely transfer of this project from the university initiative to the program of common social interest with real investment and care by city authorities and government, as a precondition for stopping the brain-drain process.

Dr Yerushalmi gave three very successful lectures, two for the last grade students and one at the Workshop on May 22, 2006 in the Assembly of the City of Belgrade attended by the representatives of state and city institutions, public and the media. He presented a successful Israeli model of establishment and operation of technological incubators with strong and organized support provided by the state during the first few years of operation, and excellent effects of this program on technological development in Israel.